[MAJ 2017 may 31th] The new product video with presentation of the V-Lock feature:

In early 2014, one of our customer came to us with a revolutionary golf bag project. He had been working on it for two years, but the prototype he had was not working. It illustrated the principle of the proposed innovations but could not be functionally tested. In six months, Moebius Factory realized two complete and fully functional bag prototypes using 3D modeling, additive synthesis, sewing and shape optimization.

Two innovations that interest golfers

These two technological innovations have been proposed to several major golf manufacturers. BIG MAX Golf, one of the leaders in Europe (notably known for its Blade folding cart) bought the exclusivity of these two inventions. The first has just been introduced in the new range of bags from BIG MAX Golf: the V-Lock. This new range will be on sale from January 2017 worldwide and will be presented at the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando in Florida from January 24-27

V-LOCK or how to change the life of golfers

All golfers are aware of the problem of woods that hamper the removal of irons, especially when the golf bag is tilted on a caddy. To avoid shocks, players equip their woods with socks, but the discomfort with the removal of the irons remains. The V-Lock innovation consists of fixing the positioning of the woods of a golf bag and their orientation. A simple pressure, a rotation on the wood, you release and the club takes the desired position without being able to change. The bag may be standing or tilted, the clubs remain in place. To get the club out, just pull it lightly to disengage it.

This technology will now be adopted in all new BIG MAX bags from September 2016.

What we have brought to the project

To meet the needs of our client, we realized two prototypes, completely functional, in 6 months only. We have been able to put at the service of our client many of our skills:

  • New ideas of design and improvement to the product,
  • 3D modeling, printing and building of all the prototypes of the system,
  • Simulation and testing of all prototypes,
  • The optimization of the weight of the system (passing from 800g to less than 240g)
  • The manufacture of 2 complete bag prototypes

All this work has allowed our client to patent both inventions and to look for some great golf brands. This direct selling resulted in an exclusive contract with BIG MAX Golf for these two patents.

BIGMAX VLOCK tests de godets

3D-printed parts tested for the development of V-Lock technology for BIG MAX Golf