Hippocad’s prototype

Hippocad is a Fontainebleau based company specializing in remote management systems for daily living.

In response to a call for tender for the Yvelines regional council, we helped them to produce a prototype to meet this demand.

We have modeled the project in 3D, based on the design made by the company’s graphic designer while integrating the technical constraints of the project (size of the electronics to be embarked, position and site of the batteries, power supply, ports etc).

Then we realized the prototype in high definition resin so that Hippocad could present a realistic proof of concept.

Hippocad projet DomYcile - Prototype en résine

To complete the project and help Hippocad win the project, we realized an augmented reality representation so that, when reading the response to the tender, project decision makers can immediately visualize the project, Scale, in the environment of their choice. This visualization requires the use of a simple smartphone or tablet with an application to be downloaded as well as an image printed on a sheet of paper (provided in the response to the tender).

Hippocad projet DomYcile-Prototype en réalité augmentée