Who ?

Moebius Factory is a small company based in France near Fontainebleau, specialized in rapid prototyping, IoT objects and applications based on the Blockchain.

We build

We build prototypes, proof of concept and functional prototypes using rapid prototyping technics (3D printing, CNC milling, rotomolding, injection molding etc.). We can also build small runs of objects that can allow start-ups or small companies to raise funds or start selling before upscalling their business.

We teach

We teach all the technologies we use. This way you’ll learn with real professionals, on real cases and benefit from our experience. There’s no better professional that one that can teach you how to do what he does.

We advise

We advise clients on the best way to build things with human centered design in mind. We find orginal ideas and technical solutions for them. We think out of the box and accompany them on their journey.

We are only interested in the future

Because it’s were we’ll all spend the rest of our life.