Workshop building a connected object with Raspberry Pi (IOT)

In this workshop you’re going to build a connected object based on a Raspberry Pi 3 board. Control the room’s temperature, detect motion of an object and so much more… This ludic workshop is a first step in the world of internet connected objects (IoT), it will cast some light on the silent revolution that is under way…

Objectives :

  • Build your own connected object
  • Improve the cohesion of your teams
  • Spend a funny and playful moment intelligently

Duration :

  • 1 day

Cost :

  • 325 € HT per person (from 3 people)
  • This includes A Raspberry Pi 3, one multi-sensor, one SD Card and one power supply for each participant

Program :

  • The micro-controler revolution and connected objects (presentation)
  • Presentation of the program and possible constitutions of teams
  • Build of your connected object
  • Test of different sensors
  • Control from mobile phone
  • Build your first application using sensors
  • Going further with connected objects

Who is this workshop for ?

  • Everybody that wants to build its own conneted object and understand how IoT works.

Your speaker

Your speaker and animator will be an experienced professional in digital making and rapid prototyping.


  • None. Everyone can attend this workshop.

Advantages of this workshop

  • You will build your own first connected object
  • You will discover all the size of things that will be possible with IoT
  • We bring all you need to build your objects
  • You will come back home with your own connected object to use.


We organize this workshop on demand.

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