Design & Advice

We advise clients on prototyping projects, new technolgies, design and concepts.

We take briefings from clients or do ideation with them on their products or projects

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We’ll listen to your needs, we’ll try to understand the challenges you’re facing, the problems to be solved. We will study your ideas. We’ll make a lot of drawings (a lot!) We’ll confront your ideas with ours. Once everything will be identified, we’ll run successive sprints, by iteration until we come out with the best product possible (in the time you’ll give us).

Concept & Product Design

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All the projects we make are centered on user’s experience. Our goal is always to produce the best simple and elegant design to fill the needed function. At this step we identify key milestones, we develop the concept and try to inprove the functions. Then we propose several design paths before exploring the ones you’ll choose.

3D modelling

Modélisation 3D (CAO)

Once you’ve chose the design , we will proceed to a 3D modelling phase of your project or object.

3D renderings

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Then we’ll build 3D rendering to visualise the concept, the object, the idea. We also build animations sometimes, augmented reality models (AR) or virtual reality scenery (VR) that can be experienced through tablets or 3D helmets.

Visual prototypes & proof of concept

When possible we like to materialize projects through physical objects to experience things with hands. We like to test, sense and feel what we are building. Usualy that’s where our rapid prototyping skills become very handy !

Debrief & Restart

As we work fast by iterations, we are not affraid to shatter what we’ve build to rectify our path or explore complete new ideas that we didn’t thought of in the beginning. Each prototype goes under review and critics to go through a new iteration. Depending on the time you’ll give us to develop the project, we’ll try to do as much iterations as possible until you’re satisfied.

Functional prototype

In the end we build a functional prototype before going to the production process.