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Moebius Factory service impression 3D

Moébius Factory owns 10 3D printers (FDM ans stereolithography) of different sizes. We 3D print objects every day since 2010. That gives us a solid experience in 3D printing. If you already have a model, you can directly ask for a 3d printing quotation or contact-us if need any assistance.

Several volumes are at your disposal :

Moebius Factory's 3d printers volumes

We can print objects in various materials (PET, Nylon, PLA, ABS, HIPS, Composites, Wood, Ceramic, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titane, Bronze, Copper, Brass, Silver, Gold, Platinum…)

3D printing is very versatile and can answer to lot various needs. Lot of our clients come to us for different specific projects. Most of them are described below.

We build 3D models for testing purposes and prototypes. With more than 50 different materials (from Shore 85A to 85D). We can find solutions for large variety of constraints with an accuracy of up to 25 microns (0.025mm)

Small series production

If you need an object in small series from 10 to 1000 items. This can allow to test a or start a market before using more expansive process (we can also do injection molding if needed). For some of our client this also allows flexibility : they get items to sell quickly, in small number when needed. They don’t need to order big quantities and advance funds, it also allows to adjust models between two productions (taking user feedback into account).

Architectural models

We realise models of buildings in all kind of scales. We can even use specific material such as Bronze, Copper, Wood, Coconut fiber etc. This makes a lot of different visuals effects possible…

Learning / Teaching models (Universities, school, doctors)

We can 3D print scans of organs to prepare difficult surguries (We can use Osirix data for instance). We can print models that will help you teach specific subjects with several parts or colors.

3D printed Molds

We can build 3D molds that can withstand up to 280°C and 8100 PSI to build small series of 100 to 150 items. We build these kind of molds for injection molding or rotocasting.

Jewelry calcinable models

We can also produce calcinable objects for foundry. But we can also print directly in metal for very intricate objects (from silver to 14K o 18K gold). If you want to print directly to precious metal, contact-us before because there are certain rules to keep in mind while you’ll build your model.


We can reproduce broken parts or parts that are no longer in catalogs even with specific constraints (friction resistance, auto-lubricant parts etc.).