3D Modelling and renderings

3D Modelling

We do 3D modelling of objects and assemblies for building purposes. All our work is professional grade quality (assemblies with constraints, joints, animation etc.). We can work from simple schematics with quotations, 2D industrial drawings or just design hand drawings.

Our 3D modelling rates range from 50€ HT/h for simple 3D modelling, up to 120€ HT/h for very complex mechanical assemblies.

Rendu 3D de la pièce du haut

3D Renderings

We do 3D renderings of your schematics, designs, 3D objects in all kind of styles (photorealistic, watercolor, styrofoam…). Images can be rendered in every sizes, the price is directly dependent on the amount of work needed to obtain the picture (texturing, photoshop editing etc.) and calculation time necessary to create the picture.

Usually, our prices range from 100€HT to 600 €HT per image.

Rendus 3d architecture

 Moebius Factory rendu 3d aspect styrofoam

Moebius Factory demo archi vue exterieure

Animation & Vidéo

For complex mechanical assemblies that needs to be seen in movement or virtual visits of architectural buildings, we can produce video movies in 720p, 1080p or 4K depending to your needs.

Virtual reality / Augmented reality

We can produce VR and AR movies or application to streghen your projects.

Industrial plans

Of course we can also produce industrial plans for production.

Moebius Factory plans industriels côtés